GameBox is a collection of Java applets created during my Bachelor studies. It includes the following applications:

  • Ringschloss - A rotating lock which only opens using a hardcoded combination of numbers.
  • MVCexample - A polynomial equation viewer, which can plot equations of the form f(x) = ax³ + bx² + cx + d. It is the first application of the collection to use the MVC pattern.
  • The MAX game - This game was called MAX during a Java lecture. It is a 2D game for 2 players, where every player has to collect points. The player who first gets to 100 points wins the game.
  • Game of Life - An implementation of Conway's Game of Life, featuring templates, different evolution speeds and more.
  • Sokoban - Sokoban is a famous puzzle game, originating from Japan. In the game, you have to push stones into holes in a way that every hole is filled. In this implementation, you have to push money bags into treasure chests.