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Davide Bove M.Sc.

Security Expert · Software Engineer

I build secure software and help others to do so. I also like to break stuff and learn how things work.

Find out what I can do for you below, or check my blog if you are interested in IT and security topics.

Security Services

Security Audit

Assess the security of your products and network and find vulnerabilities in your web application, Android app or in a third party software you use in your business.

Penetration Test

Simulate a realistic attack on your enterprise infrastructure, web application, mobile app and internal security policies.

Security Training

Receive training for your employees and co-workers on hacking techniques and countermeasures. I also offer talks on different technical topics.


Add an experienced advisor to your organization or project and implement robust security architectures, perform vulnerability tests, risk analyses and security assessments.


Web Security

  • SQL injection
  • Authentication
  • Cross-Site Scripting

Network Security

  • Firewalls
  • Exposed systems
  • Intrusion Detection

System Security

  • Operating Systems
  • Application Audits
  • Reverse Engineering


  • Data Recovery
  • Digital Investigation
  • Forensic Reports



Investigating Characteristics of Attacks on Public Cloud Systems.
Bove, D. & Müller, T. (2019). In: 2019 6th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (CSCloud)/ 2019 5th IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing and Scalable Cloud (EdgeCom), Paris, France.
URL: https://doi.org/10.1109/CSCloud/EdgeCom.2019.00-13

In pursuit of a secure UI: The cycle of breaking and fixing Android’s UI.
Bove, D. & Kalysch, A. (2019). it - Information Technology, Methods and Applications of Informatics and Information Technology.
URL: https://doi.org/10.1515/itit-2018-0023


How Android’s UI Security is Undermined by Accessibility.
Kalysch, A., Bove, D., & Müller, T. (2018). In: Proceedings of the 2nd Reversing and Offensive-oriented Trends Symposium (pp. 2:1--2:10). Vienna, AT: New York, NY, USA: ACM International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS).
URL: https://faui1-files.cs.fau.de/public/publications/a11y_final_version.pdf

Using Honeypots to Detect and Analyze Attack Patterns on Cloud Infrastructures.
Bove, D. (2018). Unpublished master's thesis. Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany. URL: https://davidebove.com/files/thesis-bove-public.pdf


You have a question or need help with a project? Do not hesitate to contact me! You can always reach me via email, I usually respond within one business day!

Email: info@davidebove.com

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