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My first post

This is it! My first blog desk

I will tell you a story that might explain why I am starting a blog. You might have already experienced it by yourself, if you are a developer or a student trying to learn a new programming language.

If you ever started to learn a new programming language (or just started learning how to program at all), you encounter a lot of new words. They are confusing at first, because you already know the words (if, when, function, …), but you don’t really understand the use. Or maybe you do not even know English, so it is kind of hard to imagine what you can do with these words.

So, you have no knowledge on what you are supposed to do. The first thing to do is to start an online search, be it Google, Bing or whatever makes you happy.

How do you begin then? You start with “How to program in <insert language>?”. Before you press Enter, you hope to find a simple answer, maybe a video showing you how to start or a web page describing one step after the other how things work.

The reality? You never get an answer. You get THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of answers. The whole worlds seems to know how to do what you are looking for. You smile. You know, you will pick the first 3 results and get the information you have been looking for.

You never have been so wrong! Never! In the first 30 minutes of your search, things pop up like compiler, runtime, editors, interpreter,  IDE, JVM, Input, Output, execute, variables, conditionals, loops. Download this, run that, link with this, download that other file, unzip, install, create that, restart and you are set up.

What the hell just happened?!! Well, you probably just lost your interest. Programming is for nerds, people say…

If this has ever happened to you, you might need a break. Try to read private blogs, try to read what beginners write about it. You will see that a beginner, someone who has more knowledge than you but is no professional…they can teach you a lot.

This is what this blog will be about. Teaching things in an understandable language, without throwing out big buzz words. Your job? Share this information!

If you want to know more about me, check my profile here.

Hope you have fun!

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