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Author: dbof

A passionate security researcher and software engineer. In his professional work, he is especially interested in the interaction between users and technology. On his blog he shares personal experiences and challenges that he encounters in his personal and professional life.

Valuable tips for better search results

One of a programmers most underrated ability is his ability to search for information on the Internet. Even the best of us can not remember every detail of a framework’s syntax. Sometimes we have a problem which we do not want to solve on our own, because we hope someone already has solved it.
But finding the right words to describe what we are exactly looking for can be difficult.
Here are 4 tips to improve your search results and get faster to the best results!

Linux command line for beginners (Part 1)

If you are new to Linux, you have to know that a lot of configuration can and should be done through a terminal. On most modern Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mint or Debian you can avoid to use any command line program at all, but more often than not you will find solutions on the Internet that should what to type into the console to fix a problem.

Here are a few commands you should learn to get comfortable with the terminal without breaking things or damaging your computer.

My first post

This is it! My first blog post.

I will tell you a story that might explain why I am starting a blog. You might have already experienced it by yourself, if you are a developer or a student trying to learn a new programming language.