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2018 in Review: Ups and Downs

This year 2018 has been a challenging year, at least for me. I worked a lot to achieve what could be the unreachable goal of getting a PhD position at my favourite university. Apart from that, I worked on lots of cool projects, especially in the world of Android security. So…what have I done this year? A personal recap..

  • I wrote my master’s thesis about honeypots in the cloud (and I am still working on a blog post about that!). It was a really intense time, both academically and privately. The results are really interesting, so I am still working on it to be able to publish it without infringing any [tooltip tip=”General Data Protection Regulation”]GDPR[/tooltip] laws (called DSGVO for my German readers).
  • I worked on my first academic peer-reviewed publication (as a co-author). You can find it here (and a blog post on this is also long overdue)!
  • I have a second publication that is still awaiting review and might get published in 2019 (hopefully).
  • I worked a lot on my game StudLife, which I will hopefully release as a first version in 2019 (*fingers crossed*).
  • I have basically finished my studies, only need one last presentation and I am (FINALLY) done.

Now some considerations about the blog stats. This blog had 10.472 visits this year, which is unfortunately less than last year. This has a rather sad reason: my top post about circumventing paywalls for the popular SPIEGEL page was rendered useless by a new subscription model. Therefore, even if I get some traffic, people do not share the post anymore. On the other side, I am proud that my posts about KeepassXC got over 1.000 views!! At least I was able to help people set up their password managers in a comfortable way.

I am currently job hunting, so this might be the year I will blog more about security topics. For now, I’m throwing out what is left in my “Security” notebook. Topics collected over the last few years that I learned and want to write about. You can see all my security posts here.

Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year and hope you will continue to follow along on my lifelong learning journey.

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